Transformative Synergy: Exploring Big Data and IoT

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April 24, 2024


Join us on a journey of convergence as this roundtable brings together visionaries from technology, manufacturing, government, and academia to explore the fusion of Big Data and IoT. Dive into the possibilities of data-driven insights, explore the IoT ecosystem, and uncover how these intertwined technologies are redefining decision-making, efficiency, and connectivity across industries.


8:30-9:00 a.m. Check-in, breakfast

9:00-9:20 a.m. Welcome by Automation Alley

9:20-9:25 a.m. Opening Remarks

9:25-10:40 a.m. Roundtable discussion

10:40-10:55 a.m. Key Takeaways

10:55-11:00 a.m. Closing

optional 30-minute tour at the end of our event of the Omron Proof of Concept Center.

Date and time

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 08:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Omron Proof of Concept Center

40000 Grand River Ave Suite 304,

Novi, MI 48375

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